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Welcome to the first author’s courses on broadcast design.

It so happens that no higher education is so far offered for the most urgent, complex and popular profession on television in Russia. We decided to fix this and to create this course, where we share the knowledge gained during the work on the main TV channels.

The course is targeted at motion designers who require knowledge in the field of professional broadcast graphics. We have created a unique methodology and a base that will allow to study broadcast systematically from simple to complex.

As for the contents, we consider the theory and practice of television graphics and practice 3 styles – News ID, Sport ID, Channel ID. All styles are in turn divided into 7 stages of production: references, sketches, concepts, animatic, infographics, compose, master. The teachers will explain each style and stage of production in detail. You will create unique graphics for each style on your own, with the support of teachers. Individual recommendations will be given at the end of the course.

The methodology of the course is just being formed, and this does not allow us to create the full course in other languages right now. We are currently finalizing the lecture database. As soon as we are done with it, we’ll launch the course in English. We will try to keep the original structure of the course – interactive webinars and correction of works in Cerebro, since we believe that it is the key to the success of the course.



The English course will launch approximately in 2017.

More information will be provided closer to the beginning of the course. Check updates on the site.

You can make request (Request in the top menu)

UPD: we start working at English course, test launch - may 2017.